Product Features

Retail Software POS Professional© delivers the right mix of simplicity, features and price sought after for a retail store software.

An automated store software point of sale system can help you a great deal by saving time on routine tasks, increasing accuracy and controlling what happens at the retail sales counter. But you may have noticed that most retail POS software involves high prices, complex setup and big training requirements. Retail Software POS Professional© removes these barriers with an easy to use, affordable retail store software system.

It will enhance your operation, providing you with increased speed, accuracy and control of your inventory, all of which lead to increased store profits.

The goal of our store software is to let you concentrate on your sales generation activities and in making new customers and retaining profitable customers. The list below is just some of the store software features in Retail Software POS Professional© are:

Store Floor Management: Maximize Efficiency

   One click access to the order entry screen for creating a new sale or quote, from within the program’s main screen
   Administration (item changes, employee permissions, etc.) from remote location with ‘on the fly’ update to each station’s database
   Extensive use of pick lists for finding items, invoices or customers (including customer lookup by name, phone number or customer number)
   Price quotes that can be recalled and processed as sales
   All stations can be managed from the server in case one of them crashes

Customer Database Management: Improve Customer Service

   Detailed customer history and complete control over your House Accounts
   Automatic tracking of remaining balance and credit
   Identify regulars and VIPs
   Track customer preferences to meet and anticipate special requests
   Phone order processing
   See the caller information and last orders before you even pickup the telephone by using the advanced Caller ID interface
   Allow your customer to pay any amount toward their balance owed (any over payment will be returned to the customer as change due)
   Ability to specify a due date for a balance owed using House Accounts
   Credit card details

Store Marketing Management: Increase Repeat Business

   Conduct powerful email marketing campaigns from within the program to increase repeat business
   Print mailing labels to reach select target audiences
   Track special occasions such as customer birthdays
   Gift Certificate management with complete control over your gift certificate issuing, tracking, & redemption
   Ability for adding custom messages at bottom of invoices
   Customer-oriented: Lets you reward your best customers with a bonus points program

Store Point of Sale Features: Simplify Daily Management

   Unlimited number items
   Unlimited number of sales categories or revenue centers
   Items can be entered into the order either by code or by name
   Completely user-defined and flexible discounts and surcharges
   Two currencies can print on invoice
   Invoices can be configured to print in different languages
   Accept unlimited payment types towards an order
   Flexible tax setup
   Flexible item pricing support. You can setup up to 3 different prices for each item
   Full suite of functionalities to complement your cash register operations (refunds, voids, pay outs, & manager cash outs)

Employee Module: Increase Productivity

   Employee file maintenance
   Ability to limit access to information or program functions (used to make sure that staff cannot make unauthorized transactions or see confidential information)
   Employee time card tracking support
   Enforce employee clock in with easy to use scheduling functionality
   Popup clock out reminder
   Easy to read shift end report

Store Inventory Control: Cut Store Losses

   Inventory item maintenance
   Inventory vendor maintenance
   Physical inventory count capability
   Inventory depletion based on sales
   Predictive ordering
   Tracking of inventory level falling below pre-defined threshold
   Item cost & profitablity review report
   Other inventory & item costing report

Employee Payroll Module: Integrated Time & Attendance 

   Complete labor scheduling capabilities
   Daily labor cards for employee time reporting
   Time card correction
   Employee availability tracking
   Multiple job categories/rates
   Payroll preparation report and audit functions
   Manual payroll check entry
   Auto deductions
   Calculates regular hours and over time hours
   Spend less time doing payroll now

Information Module: Know more about your store business and be more competitive

   Detailed store sales history (as many years as computer disk capacity allows)
   Detailed void reporting
   Sales reporting by cashier
   Ability to recall reports from any given day
   Cash drawer balancing and sales analysis by shift, by cashier, by register, by hour, and by day
   Know what item is selling & what is not
   Detailed profit and loss reporting
   Items, customers and sales data may be imported into Excel, Ms Access, Dbase, Lotus, etc.
   Ability to export any report to text file for further analysis
   Backup files can be used as a bridge between the point of sale system and the home office accounting system
   Numerous Back Office reports to present your overall store operation results

Miscellaneou Features:

   100% graphical operated Point of Sale
   100% 32-bit & 64-bit Windows based (runs on Windows 98, 98SE, ME, NT 4, W2K, XP, Vista and Windows 7)
   Your staff do not need prior computer knowledge
   Easy pull down menus
   Fast and easy lookups
   Built-in backup and restore functions
   Compact database support directly from software
   Automatic database repair capability
   Import inventory and customers from other databases
   Support for various Point of Sale peripherals (Point of Sale printers ,cash drawers, etc.)
   Peer to peer Windows networking support (saves you the cost of expensive dedicated database server and the server operating system)
   Multilingual capabilities: The program’s main menu options can be displayed in English, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish, Icelandic, Albanian, Chinese, Spanish or French with the click of a button
   Separate free utility (Retail Software POS Pro Database Functions) to allow you to purge test orders from the sales database

The above describes the general features & capabilities of Retail Software POS Pro that will allow to save you time & money. There are much more features that are not discussed in the above feature list. We recommend you download our fully working demo version to see what our software can do for you first hand!

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